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Every business is different. We start with a visit to meet and get acquainted with the company and mutual expectations. We like to get involved, which we will show, to serve you by auditing your company, focused on being in control.


Our purpose is to provide assurance to the entrepreneur as well as stakeholders.  Our audit report is of clear value, the quality of our work is leading. Our AFM license guarantees the quality of our work to comply with the strict rules for statutory audits by the WTA, the Audit Firms (Supervision) Act.


We are member of SRA, a network organization of 370 independent accountancy firms. The SRA can provide her members practical and strategic support. Through this network we get our knowledge and skills provided.


The auditors are registered with the NBA, the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants. The NBA is providing high quality education and can be of assistance in complex issues, enabling us to secure substantial quality work.

File Formation

For our documentation we make use of Software as a Service solutions and present-day software as MLE and Office365. We are using MLE software to build the audit files in accordance with the auditing standards (NV COS), which are an integral part of MLE control. The risk-driven audit approach is fully based on legislation.

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