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The Office

Berkenrode Audit B.V. is an audit firm performing assurance assignments, situated in Heemstede. We carry out our assignments mainly at the customers office, where the business is happening, delivering top quality.

We are convinced small firms like ours are extremely powerful, flexible, competent and able to act quickly. We offer you a dedicated professional within reach.

The external auditors (Dennie and Jacqueline) are actively participating team members, working close together with their employees in order to thoroughly get to know the customer and the employees.

Our Mission

To us, people are most valuable in a business, they can make the difference. In order to provide maximum value to our customers, society and whatever individuals, we strive towards maximum development of people. Resulting in high quality service.

Our Vision

The world is changing rapidly along with cascading developments. Digitalization is changing accountancy as well. Robotics, big data, data analysis bring new perspectives to our profession. Though the basics stay unchanged: providing assurance and guaranteeing trustworthiness. We will check your financial statements and determine whether the state of business is as to the opinion of the management.

We are convinced in the nearby future the soundness of financial information will no more be an important management tool. We will focus on your processes together, looking forward instead of backwards. The reliability on non-financial information is becoming more and more important. Not just for managing your business, but for your customers, employees, suppliers, even society as well.

Through constant automatization of our work and making our processes more efficient we will be able to give more personal attention to the entrepreneur. Sharing tailor made knowledge and meaningful information about changes in development. Our service comes with personal attention and energy, through sincerely interested proud professionals willing to challenge you. Responsible, loyal instigating people. The world around us may be changing, but our profession will always be human!


Jacqueline Schutter and Dennie Wellerdieck are both chartered accountants with longstanding experience at a medium sized audit firm, where we learned the trade and developed our own vision on serving customers. Attracted by entrepreneurship we started our firm to serve SMEs as they should be served to our opinion. We offer a personal approach with passion for our profession. 

Entrepreneurs are characterized as pro-active, innovative and prepared to take risks, while avoiding risk is their main risk. You might be a motivated entrepreneur with a clear goal, so are we, besides being auditors.

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Jacqueline Schutter

After gaining experience in various jobs, I finally settled in accountancy. I have successfully completed the master and postmaster program at Nyenrode Business University to become a chartered accountant. I love working with SMEs, mainly because of the personal contact with customers and the actual insight in their businesses. Financial audit is not just about figures. Figures show the state the business is in, the accountant tells the story that comes with it.
I come from an entrepreneurial family myself. I like working with entrepreneurs, get inspired by the positive mindset. It’s important to figure out what really matters to the subject business and provide constructive criticism in order to add value.

To feel good and do what you’re best at means a lot to me. Combining work and a lovely family can be quite challenging. To stay in shape, I like being outdoors. Practicing outdoor sports as much as possible and get motivated by connecting to inspiring people.

Dennie Wellerdieck

While studying Business Economics at HES in Amsterdam, I went to an open house at the office of one of the Big Four accountancy firms out of curiosity. I had been doubting about accountancy since I started studying and led by this experience, I decided to become an accountant. I started working at a medium sized firm while studying at Nyenrode Business University to become a chartered accountant. I have been a partner in this firm for five years, serving just SMEs. The size of this type of organization involves some lack of financial knowledge and adequate internal control. Personal contact and working close together, without losing independence, to figure out the business risks thrills me and gives me energy. Being a critical sounding board for various entrepreneurs and their management makes this work interesting for me. I like having a close relationship with my clients, in which there is laughter and the occasional essential debate.

My loving and caring family completes my life and guarding a healthy work life balance.

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